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Kaş is a cute district of Antalya province with 5 towns and 48 villages, a total population of 60,839 and a 70 km coastline. The district borders Eşen Stream and Fethiye in the west, Demre in the east, Elmalı District in the north, and Meis Island in the south. It is possible to come across tourists every day of the year in Kaş, which is a small tourism town. According to the information, documents and archaeological findings obtained in Kaş and its region, Kaş, which is thought to be known as Habessos or Habesa in the Lycian language, was Antiphellos in ancient times. The fact that Kaş, which was later called Andifli, was surrounded by mountains and had the deep blue Mediterranean in front of it and the Meis Island in front of it, gave it a special beauty, which is why it was named Kaş.
Kaş is a unique place where you can spend an unforgettable holiday.





Antik Tiyatro | Antiphellos


Antiphellos Ancient City is among the most important historical ruins of Kaş.

The ancient theater, located within the ruins of the ancient city, has survived to the present day in a very complete and intact state. The theater has a capacity of 4000 people and was built in the 1st century BC and was repaired in the 2nd century AD.

The ancient theater, located a 5-minute walk from the center of Kaş, is now used for various art events from time to time. Due to its location, the theater is very close to the sea. The unique feature of the building is that it is the only theater among the ancient theaters in Anatolia with a front facing the sea.

Source: Tatilvillam.com


Aslanlı Lahit

One of the different grave types seen in Anatolia is the sarcophagus. The main works that have survived from the Lycians to the present day are the tombs carved into the rocks in some of the Lycian Cities and the Sarcophagi scattered all around. The most magnificent of these sarcophagi is the Lycian Inscribed Mausoleum, which is located on Uzun Çarşı Street in Kaş (Andifli) today and is popularly called the King's Tomb. (4th century B.C.) The work consists of a single block and has eight lines written in Lycian language (Some It is mentioned in Lycian sources.) There is an inscription. This sarcophagus, which has survived to the present day in a good position and is made of a single block, is 1.5 m. There are bead motifs and an eight-line Lycian inscription at the bottom of the length. B.C. IV. Since the inscription of this tomb, which dates back to the 11th century, cannot be read, it is not clear to whom it belongs. The sarcophagus of the rectangular prism-shaped monument was placed on this base. On the north-west pediment of the cover, a sad-looking man and a woman figure are depicted, leaning on a stick and crossing their right leg over their left.


Büyük Çakıl Plajı

Büyük Çakıl Beach, which is hidden in the unique nature of Antalya, is 1,750 meters east of Kaş district.

The beach, which is approximately 50 meters long, will attract you with its transparent water and the scent of the vacation. In the hottest weather, you can't enjoy cooling off like at Büyük Çakıl Beach in many places;

 because the water of the sea is cold due to the spring coming out of it.

A vacation is waiting for you that shows itself in a green nature and invites you in its turquoise water, where you can relax and have fun. Büyük Çakıl Beach will take away the tiredness of your whole year in its fantastic atmosphere.

You will just enjoy renewing your soul.



Kaş is one of Turkey's leading diving spots for scuba diving. The far sighted distance created by the pristine sea, the rich underwater flora and fauna arising from the rocky bottom structure, the attraction of Kaş as a holiday town are some of the reasons why it stands out. The lack of large facilities in the region is the biggest factor that maintains the cleanliness of the sea in Kaş. With the declaration of Kaş Kekova Marine Protected Area in 2012, all aquaculture hunting was banned in some regions and it was aimed to protect some fish stocks.

There are also many shipwrecks in and around Kaş, which has been a transit point for trade ships since ancient times.




On the thinnest part of the Çukurbağ peninsula, these are two beaches that overlook both the open sea and the closed cove. Although the car road passes between them, the same business looks at both sides. The bay facing the open sea can be more windy and wavy. The bay facing the marina is more sheltered from the wind and its water is warmer.

Due to its shallow sea, this place is especially preferred by families with children.


Kaputaj Plajı

Kaputaş Beach is an exquisite beauty that is as famous as the Kaş district of Antalya itself. The beach, which is 20 km from Kaş and 7 km from Kalkan, is located on the highway between Kaş and Kalkan, at the point known as the Canyon Mouth. The icy waters coming from the narrow and deep canyon behind it flow into the Mediterranean under the sands of the beach.



Kekova Island is a small, rocky island with an area of ​​4.5 km2. There is no settlement on the island, which was visited for its historical ruins and sunken city. However, it is visited by boats.

It is possible to reach Kekova island in 2 hours by daily tour boats departing from Kaş center and in 10 minutes by boats departing from Üçağız. Some of the boats also have glass windows where you can watch the sunken city. Swimming and diving can be done in restricted areas on the island, which was declared a protected area in 1990. Boats can only anchor in Tersane Bay. Here, those who want to walk or swim can examine the surrounding ruins closely. You can swim in the sea only in this part of the island.

In Tersane Bay, the remains of a Hellenistic tower, three large churches, two chapels and port structures belonging to the city of Dolichiste can be noticed. When you continue by boat from the cove, you see the remains of buildings from the ancient and Roman-Byzantine periods, positioned parallel to the land for 700 meters. When you pay attention to the ancient stairs, it is understood that there is no connection between these structures by land and the entrances and exits are made by sea. Because the lower parts of these ruins were submerged due to the earthquake, it is called the Sunken City.




Küçükçakıl Plajı

Located in a small bay on the left side of Kaş town centre, it is a beach famous for its cold water and difficult to be found because of its small size. If you don't know the location you should ask on Government Street. It has no sign. Its entrance is the same as that of a facility and is narrow. Since the beach and pebbles are narrow, there are no sunbeds and umbrellas. The coldness of the water comes from the spring waters. After swimming in this place, which is one of the smallest but most private beaches in the world, you can benefit from the facilities on both sides.

It is a very special cute swimming and cooling area that must be seen in Kaş.



Kastellorizo Limanı | Meis

The Church of St. Nicholas and the town houses are very tall buildings with distinctive wooden balconies and East Aegean style windows. Many houses behind the quay are in ruins. On the east side, where the port begins, stands the City Hall (Delegation Building), built in 1926 by the Italian architect Flarestano Di Fausto, who was also the architect of the most important buildings of the Italian Period in Rhodes. After Dana there is a newly restored mosque which is no longer in use. The town's pier starts here and runs along the east coast of the harbor. Part of the main square, Platea Ethelondon Kastelloruzou, runs along the yacht pier. A little further on, there is the Hagia Elias Church. The path behind the quay leads to the Castle of the Knights of Rhodes. Remains of the fortress: a flat wall, part of an angular tower; Remains of a round tower in its eastern corner; and another round tower belonging to the oldest castle in the place towards the sea. A Doric inscription engraved in stone testifies to the existence of a Classical fortress. Inside the tower, there is a cistern dug into the ground.


The castle reveals a beautiful panorama of the town and the Anatolian coast together with the town of Kaş.


Mezar Yazıları

Today, the Lycian inscription mausoleum located on the street known as Uzun Çarşı in the city center has become the symbol of Kaş. The King's Tomb, which is the center of attention of visitors with its architecture and aesthetics, dates back to BC. It is dated to the 4th century. The eight-line Lycian inscription on it has still not been deciphered today.


Tekne Turu

Located in a wonderful location on the Mediterranean coast, just opposite Kaş is the Greek island of Meis. With a coastline of approximately 70 kilometers, Kaş offers a wonderful holiday experience with its untouched coves, beaches and beaches. There are many ancient cities in Kaş such as Antiphellos Ancient City, Xanthos Ancient City, Phellos Ancient City, Aperlai Ancient City, Isinda Ancient City (Belenli), Simena Ancient Keti and Sunken City. In addition, Kaş is a district that has proven itself in Turkey in terms of extreme nature sports. Therefore, the things to do in Kaş are endless. Afterwards, you can explore Kaş and its surroundings by participating in fun tours such as underwater diving tour, trekking tour, paddle sailing tour, canoe tour, bicycle tour or horse safari. In addition, you can witness the history of the city closely by visiting the ancient cities. Towards evening hours, you can wander and shop in Uzun Çarşı. When it gets dark, you can enjoy music, dance and exotic cocktails at Kas's famous jazz bars.


Yamaç Paraşütü

You can spend a day in Kaş by participating in daily tours. You can participate in tours by bike, horseback, hiking, jeep safari or boat. Apart from this, you can jump from the skirts of Kas's Asaz Mountain with paragliding; You can land at Kaş Harbor. You can sail a city towards Kekova, you can snorkel or dive in the clear and deep blue sea, accompanied by a unique view at the stopover points. In addition to these, you can spend a wonderful day at Kaputaş Beach or Patara Beach accompanied by sea, sand and sun.





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